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I’m getting better at handling my drink. I put them in a glass now.

Fingering a Criminal is Tricky
You really gotta wine and dine them before you can book them.

Graffiti Man Pees into Tourist’s Mouth
Bathrooms in Mexico have the weirdest stuff written on em.

Ronald McDonald at Burger King
He just wanted to have it his way for once.

Dogs as they shake off water
Carli Davidson has a gallery of dogs  shaking it up and looking mightily unrefined while they do so.

Litterfish, A Litter Box Designed to Look an Open-Mouthed Fish

The Nightmare Before Star Wars: Princess Lea (2011) by hatboy
If I haven’t expressed it yet, I’m a ginormous Tim Burton fan.
I drew this earlier today just to unwind after I got home from school. To me, this is awesome. But to those who don’t like Tim Burton’s aesthetics juxtaposed with classic sci-fi, then I apologize for this beautiful abomination.
(via: hatboy)
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